From the Bottom of Our Hearts – Thank You

From the Bottom of Our Hearts – Thank You

The Crossing would like to thank Gaylor Electric for supporting us throughout our first semester of the 2017-18 school year! We’re halfway through our first year as a satellite campus and appreciate all the support we’ve received to make this semester a success! Thank you for making us feel like part of the Gaylor Electric family!

Thank you to the workers on the floor who have supported and mentored our students during the day. Your work with these students everyday helps them learn and grow! We can’t make this program successful without you!

Thank you to the groups of Gaylor Electric staff who have provided Wednesday lunches for our staff and students. We really appreciate it! We love to eat and have enjoyed being spoiled with excellent food and time to get to know more of the Gaylor staff.

Thank you for surprising us with Christmas gifts! It wasn’t expected and created a lot of excitement for our students (and staff)! It really shows that the hearts of Gaylor Electric support these students and their dreams! We appreciate you showing that love!

Thank you to Gaylor Electric for building a classroom and donating funds to make this partnership a reality! Without that first huge step, none of this would be possible. Thank you for taking a chance on these students and giving them an opportunity to be great.

Our students have collectively earned nearly 40 credits, and we have several students on track to complete graduation this year! We even have two students specifically pursuing employment with Gaylor Electric after they earn their diploma.

On top of the academic accomplishments our students have been able to achieve, each student has had the opportunity to work and learn alongside Gaylor Electric employees. Students have threaded pipes, wired outlets, spray painted assembly boxes, and helped out with many other tasks in prefab.

We’re looking forward to an even better second semester! We’ll be back on January 15th, so feel free to stop by the classroom and get to know the students!

Merry Christmas,

Jason Knoop

Certified Teacher

Crossing School of Business and Entrepreneurship

Gaylor Electric Campus